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At CompuPc Signs LLC we do everything in our reach to ensure the satisfaction of our customers when processing their order. We are committed to offering a pleasant experience to our users and attention dedicated to meeting their expectations. For this reason we have created a return policy to ensure our commitment to our customers.

Product design and printing

At the time an order is processed we send digital samples to our clients in which you must verify the information and images and request the changes you want.

When a customer approves a sample, production of their order begins immediately.

Our clients have a period of 10 days after delivery of the order to request their corresponding refund.

CompuPC Signs LLC is committed to its customers to re-reproduce partially or completely and to send their order in the following cases:

– If there are cutting or printing errors.

– If there are errors in the measures taken by the company.

– Poor quality in the images offered by the company.

At the time of applying a refund, the customer must deliver the failed product to our team and then proceed to replace it.

At CompuPC Signs LLC we do our best to verify and correct erroneous information for each order in process, but we are not responsible for errors in spelling, grammar, phone numbers, addresses, images, videos and other information provided by our customers.

We provide image editing for our clients’ products within our service and we ensure their quality. On the other hand, if a client provides images, we recommend that they be according to the resolution of their order, since we are not responsible for the quality of these when printed.


We do our best to ensure that the samples we send to our clients are a representation of the final result of their order, but because at that time the work is purely digital, we do not guarantee that the printed colors are exactly the same, unless the customer provide us with the code of the colors to use in your order.

We are not manufacturers of clothing, these are obtained through different suppliers, so we do not ensure that the sizes requested by the client are tailored.

If the samples sent to our clients do not meet their expectations, we proceed to refund their money.

If our client accepts the submitted samples and later wishes to exchange for different ones, he must cancel the time and graphic design work.

 The work done with clothing and accessories is done manually, so in some cases the positioning of the design on them may vary a bit.

If you wish to contact us or request a refund of your order, you can do so through the following means.

[email protected]

Telephone: +1 (407) 721-8628

CompuPc Signs LLC

Orlando, Florida.

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