Rectangle Stickers


Rectangle stickers to add the perfect touch to products.

    Note: When you have completed the payment, within 48 hours we will send you the digital sample of how your order will look, we will make changes you request and send you a digital sample again. When you give the APPROVAL of the design, we send your project to production with completion in 4 business days (these are our average times).

Custom Printed Rectangle Stickers

Use professionally printed rectangle stickers to add the perfect touch to products, gift boxes, bottles, jars and more. Likewise, they are ideal if you need an advertising product to show your brand or business everywhere. Our high-quality stickers can bring that custom look to your business. They are also perfect for putting on desks, shelves, cans, containers, and more.

Our rectangular stickers are available in full color UV printed vinyl, which gives a shiny and highlighting effect wherever you put it. There we can capture the information of your business, and you can obtain impressive results when advertising your company.

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